Product + Packshot Visualisation / CGI

Product + Packshot Visualisation / CGI

Producing and photographing a physical aesthetic prototype can be time consuming and expensive. Our product visualisation service presents a fast and cost effective solution for product and industrial designers to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products. The material selection, colour and surface finish can be visualised and refined long before anything has been manufactured. Product visualisation is frequently used for advertising, packshot and point of sale visuals, as it is an excellent way of preparing all packaging and marketing visuals ready for a product launch, before the product is manufactured. 

Product Visualisation / CGI
Our product visualisation service presents a fast and cost effective solution for designers and marketeers to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products.

Packshot Visualisation / CGI
Our team of CGI and retouch experts produce high quality, sharp and blemish free CGI packshot visuals.

Creating CGI marketing content pre-manufacture allows any packshot artwork issues to be resolved early, ready for a confident launch.

Product Animation
Adding motion to a CG scene breathes life into the story, helping you to diferentiate and engage in a highly competitive market. From creative development to storyboarding, CG production to visual efects, we have the experience and infrastructure to deliver complex animations with tight deadlines.

Whether used for TV, online, outdoor and/or in-store advertising, our photoreal CG animations generate interest and excitement in their audience.

Technical Visualisation / CGI
Our technical visualisation CGI allows complex or otherwise impossible images and scenes to be brought to life in photorealistic quality. Photorealistic technical visuals are perfect for clearly communicating complex information in product documents, technical manuals, internal communication, web content and marketing material. Examples include product explodes, x-sections, cut-aways etc. 

360 Turntables
CGI turntables allow the viewer to see all sides of a product in high detail. Whether utilised as a focal point for an exhibition or as a selling tool on an online platform, our photorealistic CGI turntables are eye catching and a powerful marketing tool.


Product Colourways
The use of CGI allows the creation of perfect seamless product colourway shots. With a fixed 3D model and camera there is no movement or jump between products. This allows colourways and customisable configurable elements to be added / removed with ease, creating a seamless user experience. 

Product Exploded Visualsiation | CGI
Bespoke custom CGI can be tailored specifically for you marketing event. Images from product flyers to large format billboard sized imagery can be quickly and cost effectively produced. 

Product Teasers and Reveals
Create a buzz before a product has been officially launched with the use of CGI. The images can be created long before the final products have been manufactured. 

Product Configurators
With CGI we can efficiently create the layered configurable assets without the heavy costs associated with the traditional method. Traditionally a product configurator would require prototype parts to be manufactured, a large photography studio and weeks of product building and assembling the possible configurations. CGI allows for a degree of product spec flexibility. Whereas traditionally revisiting a studio set and re-aligning the new products exactly to match existing base layers would have been very complex and time consuming. The CGI assets can be created long before the final product has been manufactured. 

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