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  • We are a team of creative 3D artists & technologists setting the standard of CGI production.

    Driven by a shared vision and desire to craft stunning Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Animation and VR experiences that engage and inspire.

    Our high quality project management process and systems are accredited with the ISO:9001 certification.


    Wonder: A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something remarkable or unfamiliar.
    Vision: The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

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    The foundation of everything we do is to produce pixel perfect visuals. By investing in world-class technology, nurturing our artists talent and partnering with brands we're passionate about, we will continue to evolve and deliver artful work that we're proud of and that charms others.


    Our craft is fusing art, science and technology to produce stunning visual content that moves people. Telling impossible stories and creating CG imagery that inspires. We've developed our process to deliver content for all screens and print media, maximising the spread of your brand message.


    As a team we are greater than the sum of our parts. We champion knowledge and share techniques to benefit the work we create. We believe in going the extra mile to deliver content of exceptional visual quality. We care about the small things so that the big picture is pixel perfect.

    We have a transparent and open approach to working with our clients. We want to know the people we do business with and build long lasting, trustful relationships. We're a committed team and delivering visually stunning projects on time and budget is paramount to us.

AwardsMix It Up

  • Antenna Creative

    Amplify Creative Award Winner

  • Behance

    Curated Gallery Awards 2019

  • ConnectTVT

    Wonder Vision Recognised as a Top 50 Game Changer

  • CV Magazine

    Most Innovative CGI Studio 2019

  • IDSA

    International Design Excellence Award Winner

  • Indigo

    Gold Indigo Award 2019

  • ISO 9001:2015

    Internationally Certified Processes & Management Systems

  • Next Limit

    Certified Maxwell Render Xperts 2019

  • The Drum

    Recommended Agency For CGI & Retouch 2019



  • “I'm really impressed with the end product. The CGI shots are fantastic, exactly as I imagine the project will be. I will have no hesitation working with you again or recommending your services to other people. Thanks again, really happy with your work!”

    GNR Construction / Director /

  • “LOVE IT!! A great job on the Ferrari magazine photoshoot, especially like the models. Brand Manager at Ferrari Spa loves it too.”

    Ferrari / Director of Photography /

  • “It was a pleasure to work with Wonder Vision on the images for our new chalet, The Ecurie, opening December 2015. The whole process was very easy, the daily updates useful & their checking on the smallest of queries re-assuring. The quality of the final images is beyond what we expected, they are fantastic & will enable us to taking bookings for The Ecurie as our clients can now see what the chalet will look like. Thank you to the team at Wonder Vision.”

    The Alpine Club / Owner /

  • “Wonder Vision's work stood out due the sheer creative talent evident. The technically complex work was delivered effortlessly through the use of suitable and clever animation. The crisp, clean website went a long way in maximising the impact and potential of the work on display.”

    Autodesk / Brand Specialist /

  • “Wonder Vision played an essential part in rethinking our product imagery, and made the experience super smooth with fast and clear communication, great processes and an amazing eye for detail. They worked with us on numerous iterations, making sure we got what we needed, but at the same time added their own ideas to push the outcome even further. Highly recommend WV!”

    Kano Computing / Art Director /

  • “Wonder Vision is a top-notch CGI studio we have had the pleasure to cooperate with for years. Their use of Maxwell Render is exemplary, as they manage to bring the software to its full potential and create stunning imagery with ease. ”

    Next Limit Technologies / CEO /

  • “Wonder Vision continue to work with the world’s leading brands, producing the highest quality visual content. Their use of HDR Light Studio to light their imagery is stunning, and we at Lightmap are proud to see our software used by such a fantastic studio.”

    Lightmap, the creators of HDR Light Studio / CEO /

  • “We were blown away by the CGI work done by Wonder Vision with its level of life-like accuracy and consistency. The team is highly committed and passionate about their work and are incredibly approachable and appreciative of feedback. Our working relationship meant for our 2019 rebrand, Wonder Vision were the perfect partner for our relaunch video!”

    Chilly's Bottles / Founder /

  • “Wonder Vision never put anything less than their all into projects for us. I am never in any doubt that they will strive for perfection on our behalf. We selected Wonder Vision because of the attention they gave to light and detail in visualisations of building interiors: this made them stand out from other companies. Now that we have worked with them, I would add that they have an exceptional ability to understand the ‘feel’ of the image we are looking for, and realise it beautifully.”

    Wright and Wright Architects / Project Manager /

  • “Working with Wonder Vision has been a very straight forward process. They assisted with our transition from studio photography to photoreal CGI production. Exceeding the quality of CGI output we were expecting. WV advised and supported our engineers to ensure the most efficient pipeline was adopted from CAD data to CGI production assets. WV always work hard to meet tight deadlines and are accommodating to late changes in CAD data or finishes.

    We selected WV as our CGI partner due to the quality of their work and their experience in handling large configurable CAD data sets, combined with their level of client service.”

    Triumph Motorcycles / Global Marketing Comms /

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