Product + Brand CGI

Showing off is ON…it’s time to see products in all their glory with mesmerising detail. Our photoreal™ product CGI solutions push beyond real-world parameters. We translate single products and entire brand portfolios into digitised CG content for the world of commerce and beyond.

Wonder Vision Lucky Saint Beer CGI Condensation Droplet

Sector Examples

Product CGI

We Push Beyond Reality™ to create otherwise impossible Product CGI. The applications of Product CGI are limitless. We have decades of experience to help us direct our clients to the best solution to achieve their objectives and extract maximum value from their visual assets.

Product CGI Kenwood Kitchen Machine

TVC Production

Our award-winning TVC team delivers powerful, memorable content.

Starting with the Creative we think big to develop bold ideas that beautifully underpin and covey the key messages.

With Creative and Production under one roof, we ensure the vision is delivered efficiently with optimal results.


Key Visuals

Highly crafted visual communication assets to capture the essence of the product, campaign or story in insane detail.

Every highlight and shadow is curated to showcase the subject in its best possible light. Resulting in perfected visual brand motifs that drive engagement and lift sales across all channels.

Wonder Vision for ASICS - Creative CGI VFX Motion Campaign Example

Packshot CGI

In CGI we can control every aspect of an image. Highlights are perfectly placed and colours are calibrated for sharp and blemish-free packshot visuals.

We produce Product CGI pre-manufacture so that packaging artwork can be finalised and printed, ready for launch.

CGI brings consistency and flexibility to your production pipeline.

Kano Product CGI Case Tile

Creative Product VFX

Getting noticed in a busy digital world is challenging, often with less than 1 second to stop a user scrolling past your ad.

Our creative content is designed to produce fun and creatively inventive animations that Push Beyond Reality™ to deliver user engagement that drives product sales.

There are no barriers to realising our design teams most ambitious creations. If the tools for the job don’t exist, we write them.

Product Animation

Breathe life into your product story and visually explain complex messages with dynamic animation and motion graphics.

Used online, for TV commercials or in-store advertising, our photoreal™ product animations capture the attention of their audience and drive your message.

Wonder Vision played an essential part in rethinking our product imagery. They made the experience super smooth. Clear comms, great processes and an amazing eye for detail. They worked with us to make sure we got exactly what we needed, but at the same time added their ideas to push the outcome even further. Highly recommend WV!


Art Director

PDP Assets

Just as in the real world, consumers want to interact with their product choices. Digital visual assets go one step further and can be explored, configured and augmented beyond the constraints of the real world.


Our Product CGI configurators deliver seamless imagery. Allow users to interactively explore and personalise configurations, increasing buying confidence.

We have vast experience handling complex accessory logic and producing high volumes of imagery.

No more expensive prototypes and assembling configurations. Instead, scalable, future-proof content delivered ahead of launch.

Social Engagement Content

We translate key messages and/ or product feature lists into engaging visual assets for the world of paid social media. Increasing consumer trust, confidence and checkout conversions.




Virtual Room Sets

We create bespoke digital environments that are on brand and on point. When products need context and a space to be showcased, our virtual interiors and rooms are all set. Replace the challenges of conventional set builds with greater control, logistical efficiency and creative scope.

CP Hart Artelinea Bathroom CGI Interior Example

Key Features + USP Visuals

Compelling features require compelling visuals.  We design how to best showcase the key features. To show the finite details or the internal mechanisms that make a product function.

CGI presents creative ways to tell the story of the product USPs.

Wonder Vision Triumph Product CGI Technical Engine

Product CGI Colourways

Goodbye jumpy product colour transitions. Our CGI consistently delivers seamless product imagery between all product variants for the perfect end user experience, whatever the application.

Future proof? 100%. Don’t worry about matching previous camera and lighting setups – we archive our 3D scenes so we can quickly and cost effectively create new colourways seamlessly.

Product CGI Explodes

Product explodes are a powerful method of showcasing detailed internals. CGI delivers otherwise impossible realities that champion the engineering of a product.

From interactive PDPs to captivating OOH campaigns, we have the expertise to deliver complex features and stories through moving image and high-resolution visual assets.

Royal Enfield 650 Engine CGI VFX Production

360 Turntables

360s are a perfect eCommerce tool allowing the consumer to explore the entire product. Increasing consumer confidence to boost sales.

Our solutions are bespoke to requirement. We create turntable animations, interactive 360 turntables, 360 tumblers and real-time browser rendering solutions. We have the expertise and hardware to give consumers the full picture.


Product CGI Teasers and Reveals

Building hype for a product launch? Our teaser and reveal imagery and animation could be the perfect marketing tool.

With full CG lighting control, we are able to highlight a single product crease, or use a ‘halo’ rim light to illuminate the product outline.

Armed with endless creativity and leading-edge tech we can create stunning pre-launch imagery guaranteed to tease the target market.


Abacus Render™ is our in-house render farm that systemises the creation of photoreal™ CG imagery.

Our powerful hardware allows us to deliver high-resolution imagery for large out-of-home print campaigns to the deadlines of the advertising world.

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