Food + Drink CGI

Our hyper realistic food visuals are a feast for the eyes. Melting, pouring, dripping, fizzing… it all looks good enough to eat. Whether crafting asset libraries, TV ads or packshot visuals, we celebrate the all-consuming world of CG food glorious food.

Yasso Coated Bar CGI Bite

Sector Examples

Food CGI Marketing

Perhaps you’ve heard of mashed potato being used to mimic ice cream in photoshoots? Melting frozen goods isn’t a problem for our virtual lighting rigs and CGI food.

CGI gives us the freedom to Push Beyond Imagination™ and ability to create anything. With full control over ever aspect of a CGI, we make food look even better than in real life.

Ultra Realistic Food CGI

Food TVC Production

Our bespoke procedural VFX tools give us full control over every parameter of the CG food. Allowing the TV spot to be beautifully Art Directed down to every last snap, crackle and pop.

Food CGI Creative Content

Food CGI allows us to create otherwise impossible imagery and Push Beyond Reality™. Our creativity is not curbed by what can be achieved.

We provide end to end production from concept to execution whether that be still CGI, animation or composited live action.

Food CGI Ultra Realistic Nuts

Many thanks for all your hard work pulling this project together. The final visuals are exceptionally valuable for our focus group research and I appreciate the extra mile you went to deliver it for us.


Food + Refreshments Project Manager

Social Media Content

CG food production can elevate social messaging to a new level. No longer constrained by real world parameters our VFX artists can create social ads primed for engagement, and shareability. From mesmerising effects to satisfying looping vids our content increases brand recognition and consumer trust.

Food CGI Campaign

Preparing real food to an exact specification can be unpredictable. When design details and exact execution are paramount, CGI provides control and consistency to the campaign build.

CG Food Research

It’s hard for a focus group to review something that is melting… or so tasty it just gets eaten!

CG Food provides consistent and seamless imagery that allows food variants to be reviewed in a controlled and unbiased way.

Frozen Yogurt Yasso CGI

Product and CG Food Compositing

Our work profits from the work we do in a range of sectors. We create first-class product CGI, which fused with our food CGI and 3D scanning capabilities results in stunning imagery.

Product CGI means we can produce launch imagery before it is manufactured. Integrating CGI food into these shots is then also key in maintaining this time and cost saving advantage. We have a wealth of experience in fully CGI food, 3D scanning and also photographic compositing.

High Res OOH

Our CG pipeline allows for super detailed image assets to be rendered at super high resolution. Perfect for print ads and out of home campaigns, ensuring every last detail is delivered in glorious detail.

Wonder Vision CGI Post Production Retouch Compositing Studio

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