Food CGI

Looks good enough to eat, right? Using 3D scanning or high poly modelling, we can create photorealistic food visuals. Perfect for making interior scenes more appetising, using props in product packshots, and for standalone visuals to celebrate the world of food glorious food.

Sector Examples

Food CGI Marketing

Perhaps you’ve heard of mashed potato being used to mimic ice cream in photoshoots? Melting frozen goods isn’t a problem for our virtual lighting rigs and CGI food.

CGI gives us the freedom to Push Beyond Imagination™ and ability to create anything. With full control over ever aspect of a CGI, we make food look even better than in real life.

Scroll down to see just a few examples of possible food CGI applications.


Food CGI Creative Content

Food CGI allows us to create otherwise impossible imagery and Push Beyond Reality™. Our creativity is not curbed by what can be achieved.

We provide end to end production from concept to execution whether that be still CGI, animation or composited live action.

Many thanks for all your hard work pulling this project together. I realise that it was a stretch and you bent over backwards to deliver it for us.


Food + Refreshments Project Manager

Food Campaign CGI

Preparing real food to an exact specification can be unpredictable. When design details and exact execution are paramount, CGI provides control and consistency to a campaign.

Food Research CGI

It’s hard for a focus group to review something that is melting… or so tasty it just gets eaten!

Food CGI provides consistent and seamless imagery that allows food variants to be reviewed in a controlled and unbiased way.

In this example we created a configurator of elements, testing consumer response to find the best combination of cone type, ice cream flavour, toppings and sauce.


Product and Food CGI Compositing

Our work profits from the work we do in a range of sectors. We create first-class product CGI, which fused with our food CGI and 3D scanning capabilities results in stunning imagery.

Product CGI means we can produce launch imagery before it is manufactured. Integrating CGI food into these shots is then also key in maintaining this time and cost saving advantage. We have a wealth of experience in fully CGI food, 3D scanning and also photographic compositing.


Food 3D Scanning

Our in-house 3D scanning services allows us to quickly capture accurate object geometry as well as surface texture detail. From this we can create virtual materials so that the scanned food can be used in a fully computer generated scene.


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