'Oddly Satisfying' CG motion and VFX for Yasso's asset library

Our good friends at Nomadic Agency reached out to us to create a library of ‘Oddly Satisfying’ and delicious CG assets for Yasso’s frozen yoghurt desserts.

The project is the sweet spot of all the things we love: Creative, CG Food, Fluid VFX, Photorealism and building art direct-able procedural systems to deliver future value… oh and frozen yoghurt and chocolate of course!


Food + Drink



Wonder Vision Yasso Ice Cream CGI Chocolate Simulation VFX

Procedural CG Food Assets

When creating CG Food, we often push beyond reality and create hyper-real visuals with photoreal textures, that represent the product more perfectly, or stylistically than it may look in reality.

With our procedural approach we created art direct-able systems to allow the client to choose the balance between hyper-real and photoreal, without having to remodel or re-sculpt the bar each time. See how in this process reel…

Coated Bars

The first Yasso product we created was the Coated Bar; creamy frozen yoghurt covered in quinoa crunch and dipped in milk chocolate. The procedural model gave us full control in our look development process, from the number and scatter position of the quinoa crunch to the thickness of the chocolate.

After working with Nomadic and Yasso to agree the final look of the CG asset, it was time for swirling and oozing chocolate fluid VFX. Lots of chocolate was eaten in the making of these CG Animation.

Social Ads

Utilising our still and animated CG content, Nomadic Agency created a series of TVC and social ads. The playful and oddly satisfying loops were designed to ‘stop the scroll’ and engage customers.

Frozen Greek Yoghurt Sandwiches

As Yasso is not sold in the UK we are yet to taste their range of delicious products! This also meant we had to create the CG assets from photo references and design what an ‘aspirational’ version of each product should look like. Again, our procedural modelling technique allowed for iterative look development whilst working with Nomadic and Yasso to determine the final aesthetic for Yasso’s Sandwiches.

Yasso CGI 3D Model Process
Yasso Frozen Yoghurt Sandwich CGI

Sandwich Socials

More fun social ads created by Nomadic Agency from our animated CG assets.

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

Whether it’s raspberry and white choc chips, salted caramel sauce, cookie dough or pistachio chips, our art direct-able procedural systems can create it! We built tools to control everything from chip scatter and size to the amount of frozen yoghurt build up around each chip, allowing us to deliver consistency and value across Yasso’s whole product range.

Yasso Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Bar CGI
Yasso 3D Model Example

Social Bar Ads

Twisty, creamy and delicious Core Bar social ads created by Nomadic Agency from our animated CG assets.

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