CG content for the next generation of VanMoof bikes

Our friends at Builders Club approached us to deliver beautiful photoreal™ CGI visuals for the global launch of VanMoof’s S3 and X3 bikes.

Web users can virtually explore the bike through the high quality CG imagery, turntables and product configurators.


Product + Brand




Builders Club

Wonder Vision Vanmoof S3 CGI Bike Hero

The Scope

118 high-resolution visuals for the launch campaign? No problem. Starting with heavy manufacturing CAD data we retopologized the assets to create highly detailed production-ready CG models.

Wonder Vision Vanmoof S3 CGI Bike Child Seat

Wonder Vision are a fantastic studio with exceptional skills in creating photo-real renders with meticulous care. It was a pleasure working with such a friendly, collaborative team who consistently went above and beyond to ensure the best quality and equally solve any issues as quickly as possible on our project together. We were very thankful for their pro-modelling skills of the most intricate objects & the team has an absolute perfectionist attitude which you can clearly see in the results, down to the tiniest detail.

Builders Club

Senior Producer


VanMoof Accessories

Alongside the main bike data retopology, we built highly detailed, production-ready CG assets for the range of VanMoof accessories.

Vanmoof CGI Toolkit

3D Asset Creation

Without access to third party manufacturing data, we captured complex 3D scan data from physical samples as a reference for our 3D Artists to retopologize.

Vanmoof E-Bike CGI S3 Top

Feature Shots

The S3 and X3 are VanMoof’s most hi-tech and innovative bikes to date, so it was paramount our CG imagery brought every intricate detail to life. From the in-built speaker and invisible battery to automatic electronic gear shifting, our CG content visually showcases each element that makes up the ultimate riding experience.

Vanmoof E-Bike CGI X3
Wonder Vision Vanmoof CGI Bike Box Packaging

Online Imagery

Beyond looking clean, crisp and simply stunning, our product CGI allows flexibility for marketing teams using the imagery online. Updates to products don’t involve bringing physical product into a studio and can be seamlessly realised with consistent lighting, materials and angles. CGI is the perfect partner to create media assets for any product launch or campaign imagery.

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