Photoreal™ Product Range CGI

Chilly's Bottles CGI

Looking to standardise their product range imagery and refresh their creative content, Chilly's Bottles asked us to produce a new range of high res photoreal™ CG assets for use across their online and social channels. We handled every aspect of production from 3D modelling to post production and delivered the project on a tight timeline to facilitate a Christmas product launch. Visuals were created for over one hundred products in multiple angles and in a range of different colourways and materials.

CG Asset Creation - High Poly 3D Modelling
Without any CAD data for the products, 3D scans and photography of product samples were captured by our 3D artists as a base for the high poly 3D modelling of each product. As the 3D assets were crafted, physical samples were constantly referenced to ensure every detail of the products was accurately replicated.

Virtual Material Creation + Lighting
The texture and finish of the powdercoat, patterned and metal bottles was closely studied and custom texture maps were designed to replicate these surfaces. We studied how light moved across the surface of the products in our studio and constructed virtual materials to simulate these properties. Each of the different bottle types had its own UV mapping so that we could place the correct texture or pattern accurately on the bottle to scale across multiple designs.

Our lighting artists designed tens of lighting rigs whilst developing the look and feel of the visuals before perfecting the final scene. Each of the different material types, powdercoat, patterned and metal, had their own lighting setup to best showcase the product whilst maintaining visual consistency.

High Resolution Render Production
On completing the setup of all Chilly's Bottles products our artists were able to export scenes ready to be processed across our in-house render farm, Abacus Render™. Abacus Render™ is our proprietary process that systemises the creation of photoreal™ CG imagery. Our powerful hardware and process deliver content at high volume in less time, which was vital in allowing us to deliver hundreds of individual images for this tight deadline.

This revealer image shows the transition from the 3D model wireframe, to a 'clay' image of the product before revealing the final Photoreal™ image of one of Chilly's 500ml bottles.

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