Chilly's Bottles

Redefining Chilly’s Bottles’ product imagery with CGI

The digital assets we created for Chilly’s Bottles have transformed their product imagery, replacing traditional photography on their website with stunning CGI.

The flexible CGI assets are used for a seamless website configurator for eCommerce, out of home campaigns, animations and social media advertising.


Product + Brand




2020 Indigo Award – Gold: Computer Animation
2020 Indigo Award – Gold: 3D CAD

Wonder Vision Chillys Bottles Product CGI Neon Range

Before working with Wonder Vision we had relied on traditional pack shot product photography. This resulted in every time we released a new product it would have have slightly different lighting and positioning which damaged the consistency of our marketing, website and sales material.

We were blown away by the CGI work done by Wonder Vision with its level of life-like accuracy and consistency. The team is highly committed and passionate about their work and are incredibly approachable and appreciative of feedback. Our working relationship meant for our 2019 rebrand, Wonder Vision were the perfect partner for our relaunch video!

Chilly's Bottles


Product Launch Campaign Imagery

Chilly's Xmas 2022 Campaign VFX CGI

Visual Framing


Creative Content

Seamless Product CGI

Our photoreal™ product CGI replaced Chilly’s existing photography, resulting in stunningly sharp and accurate imagery, consistent across current and future bottles.

The seamless results allowed the creation of a product configurator where the user can choose between the many great options Chilly’s offer their customers.

Chillys Bottles Five Collection

Push Beyond Reality™

We strive to Push Beyond Reality™ with our product CGI, producing imagery that is sharper and more compelling that traditional photography. Our finite texture work and attention to detail allows you to almost feel the product before you have it in their hands.


Out of Home CGI

We create flexible and versatile CG imagery, suitable for use across all media, as utilised by Chilly’s for their OOH London campaign.

With our powerful in-house render farm, Abacus Render, we can create imagery at any resolution, perfect for large outdoor advertising campaigns.

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