'Fresh Beer Starts Here' with Pinter2's Full CG | VFX launch TVC

The Pinter2 is ‘world-first, precision-engineered technology for anyone to enjoy 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer at home.’

Our friends at Pinter gave us creative freedom to tell the story of Fresh Beer and reveal the Pinter2 in their launch TVC. The idea we executed heroes the formation of Fresh Beer, from ingredients through to the perfect pour!


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Indigo Award – Gold: Computer Animation

The Drum Awards – Highly Commended

Working with Wonder Vision on this project was more seamless than I ever could have hoped for.

This was a vitally important piece of work for us with very little margin for error and what we received was a world class asset, to deadline, that will help define comms through the most important period in our life cycle.

Ease of communication, transparency and diligence from Wonder Vision made for a frictionless process end to end.


Head of Brand and Marketing

Behind the Beer

The real product of the Pinter2 is the Fresh Beer that it produces. So our CGI/ VFX Beer had to look good enough to drink! This was the biggest challenge of the project, but equally an exciting opportunity to create an art direct-able system to produce original, otherwise impossible moving imagery.


Our idea was to show Fresh Beer ‘being brewed’ within the Pinter2, with a pinch of creative license!

After defining our proposed route, we began our Creative Development process – sketching out ideas and eventually creating a sketch animatic to communicate our concept. We take the consumer on a journey inside the Pinter2, where we see the ‘Fresh Press’ burst with ingredients that are then plunged into water. The hops then explode and with a fizz, a pop and some VFX magic, we have Fresh Beer.

We exit the Pinter2 through the tap nozzle to see the home-brewed beer being poured, in a reality defying shot where there is no glass – focusing completely on the spritely Fresh Beer.

Bold Brand Colours

We wanted our TVC to honour Pinter’s bold brand colours and playful visual identity. Throughout the look development process we closely considered the brand guidelines, using them as a colour palette for our style frames.

High Resolution CGI Stills

In parallel to the creative process, we worked with Pinter’s in-house Product Design team to receive the latest CAD data, updating it within our pipeline as the design evolved right up until delivery. We optimised the CAD data, remodelling and retopologising large sections of the data in order to create an animatable 3D Digital Asset.

To maximise value, in addition to the animation, we utilised this 3D Digital Asset to create high resolution, 10,000px product imagery for print, out of home and digital ads.

Solving Scale and Consistency

Our artists crafted lighting to best showcase each angle of the product, before generating seamless colourways of each shot angle – delivering 144 individual product shots along with a collection of product range shots.

Oh and did we mention this was all done before a single product had been manufactured? Meaning we were able to deliver a suite of marketing content ready for the product launch, enabling online sales sooner and an immediate ROI on our services.

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