Triumph Motorcycles

A photoreal™ CGI configurator experience

We transitioned Triumph Motorcycles from photography in 2012, now showcasing their online configurator and press release imagery with stunning photoreal™ CGI.

The use of CGI has provided Triumph with more time to produce launch material, flexibility and control of the imagery created.





2020 German Design Award
2019 Gold Indigo Award
2019 HDR Image of the Decade

Consistency Across Motorcycle Models

We have visualised over 60 different models and variants of Triumph Motorcycles. Creating a virtual light rig and camera setup that is reused, delivering consistency.

Online CGI Configurator

When we engaged with Triumph they captured their configurators photographically. The process was painstakingly time consuming.

Our CGI configurator solution combatted the issues and has massively improved the image quality and overall user experience of Triumph’s online configurator.

Wonder Vision consulted and advised on our transition from photography to photoreal CGI, exceeding the quality of CGI output we were expecting. WV advised and supported our engineers to ensure the most efficient pipeline was adopted from CAD data to CGI production assets. WV always meet our tight deadlines and are accommodating to late changes in CAD data or finishes.

We selected WV due to the quality of their work and their experience in handling large configurable CAD data sets, combined with their level of client service.


Head of Global Marketing Communications
Triumph Trident CGI Campaign

Seamless Model Variants

The 15 variants of the Triumph Tiger 1200 were able to be seamlessly visualised in CGI. No movement between shots, consistent lighting and flexibility for future colour and model options.

Triumph Street Twin CGI Example
Triumph Motorcycles Street Twin CGI

Interactive CGI 360 Turntables

To complete Triumph’s online configurator experience, we delivered an interactive CGI 360 turntables in photoreal™ quality.


CGI Press Shots

Due to the photoreal™ quality of the content, we delivered all of the press launch imagery in CGI.

Our CGI solution allowed imagery to be created in advance of the model release, ensuring all assets were ready for the marketing channels.

Automotive CGI Triumph Motorcycles Studio Shot

Engine Teaser Launch Assets

Triumph Tiger 800 CGI Marketing

Explanatory CGI

Behind the scenes

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