Photoreal™ Product CGI as premium as their cars

Audio company Logic3 joined forces with Ferrari to create an audio range as premium as Ferrari’s cars.

With their full eCommerce store, marketing and events at CES all scheduled before the production of a single product – our Product CGI services were called upon to bring the whole product range to life.


Product + Brand


Live Action

Ferrari Audio Product CGI 3D Visualisation Speak Doc

LOVE IT!! A great job for the Ferrari Magazine. Brand Manager at Ferrari Spa Loves it too


Brand Manager

Photoreal™ CGI

The audio range consisted of two collections. Cavallino and Scuderia – each with its own distinct style. We wanted our Cavallino imagery to reflect Ferrari’s luxury, whilst the Scuderia range had to honour their rich racing heritage and pedigree.

We were selected for this challenge due to high quality photoreal™ imagery that we create, but also due to our varied style of CG imagery and appetite for pushing beyond reality.


Live Action Capture

Ferrari by Logic3 have great confidence in our creative ability and understanding of their brand, so asked us to produce a range of live style imagery that integrated product CGI and live action.

From concept to final production, we managed the end to end process and all of the moving parts of this complex project to deliver over 120 lifestyle images for the brand.

Ferrari Lifestyle Retouch Ferrari Magazine

Pre-Launch CGI Teasers

Once we have created a CGI asset, we look to get maximum value out of it for our clients. In this case, we built pre-launch hype around the Ferrari by Logic3 product range with teaser CGI.

Wonder Vision Audio Product Reveal Teaser CGI
Ferrari Product Packshot Visualisation CGI Black Earphones

Assets for All Media

We created over 100 product CGIs that were used on their global eCommerce store, product packaging, in magazines (Ferrari, Topgear and Evo to name a few!), Ferrari stores across the world, on social media and at global events.

We even produced a 100,000px wide banner for Ferrari at CES by harnessing the power of our in-house render farm, Abacus Render™. #pushbeyondlimitation

Ferrari CGI Hype Content

To maximise value and deliver hype, we recycled the digitized product assets to produce creative CG content for Ferrari’s social media.

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