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'Tap into a World of Fresh Beer' with Pinter 3's Full CG | VFX Launch Animation

The Pinter 3 is ‘a refined evolution of brewing technology’ and, having worked with our friends at Pinter on the launch of the Pinter 2, we were thrilled to be working with them on the launch of their latest in a great line of products.

The ask was to creatively showcase the new features of the Pinter 3, including the new Active Pour Tap, as well as highlighting how home-brewing is a sustainable alternative to commercially manufactured beer. This would be a journey into the world of the Pinter 3 and the fresh beer it creates with the highest quality ingredients!


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Live Action Filming

Bobby Eccles

A Revised Design

Our trademark photoreal™ product CGI helped make every element of the product feel tangible and premium, highlighting the Haptic texturing of the Carbonation Dial, as well as the TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) debossed trim running through the body.

We also showed how the Pinter works with the newly improved Brewing Dock, which is finished off with an elegant TPE trim of its own.

We once again chose Wonder Vision as our creative animation partner in anticipation of launching Pinter 3. From communication to delivery, a relatively complex project always felt in safe hands.

James and the team have an exceptional eye for detail when considering what it means to bring product visuals to life in a truly extraordinary fashion. The piece we planned together pushed things quite hard in terms of a creative concept – combining moments of beautiful detail and spectacular scale, weaved together with an expert focus on storytelling.

The result is something completely unique and truly compelling, world-class execution from a world-class team


Head of Brand and Marketing

A Robust and Solid Product

Lightweight but robust, the primary material of the Pinter 3 is a textured Polymer body. It’s 45% lighter than the Pinter 2 but with the same quality and longevity built into the design.

We wanted to reflect the robust and solid nature of the Pinter 3 in the environment, so designed a minimalist, concrete environment to present the new range in.

We also explored how lighting could elevate and highlight features of the Pinter and give it a premium finish, whilst adding an element of dynamism to the minimalist environment.


Pinter 3 Product CGI Lighting

The Active Pour Tap

Adapting to the variable pressure states inside the Pinter, the Active Pour Tap gives Pinter 3 users the ability to control the perfect pour through all 10 pints the Pinter provides. Understanding the mechanics of how this worked was key to visualising the technology, as well as how the pour was activated in a controlled way by how much the tap was pulled.

To emphasis its significance, we used the Tap as a creative device to bring the story to life, designing an eye-catching fan to open the film, linking to the brand message to ‘Tap into a World of Fresh Beer’.

A World of Sustainable Beer

The Pinter 3 replaces 17 cans with every use, making it a sustainable alternative to purchasing canned beers. We wanted to creatively showcase the fresh ingredients that go into the beer the Pinter produces, while also highlighting some of the processes it replaces.

Taking inspiration from the the O’Neill cylinder on Cooper station in Interstellar, we designed a vivid cylindrical world that reflected the shape of the Pinter and contained a rich farmland landscape. As we journey through this world, we see beautiful hop and barley fields interspersed with elements of the industrial brewing processes the Pinter replaces – endless canning lines and large-scale industrial brewing silos.

Pinter 3 Product CGI Terrain Development
Pinter 3 Product CGI World Development
Pinter 3 Product CGI World Hop Field

Back to Reality

After our journey through the virtual beer world of Pinter, working alongside film partner Bobby Eccles, we transition to the real world where the perfect pint of Pinter Fresh Beer is being poured. A swirl of bubbles blends with the cylindrical shape of the Pinter to create the seamless transition to live action. The warm tones of our virtual world were used as a grading guide for the live action shots, to create a sense of continuation and deliver the warm and rich feeling that Pinter wanted to convey about their Fresh Beer.

Pinter 3 Product Live Action

Multi-Channel Readiness

Pinter’s marketing team wanted a campaign ready for all potential media channels, so we designed each shot to ensure the story was told clearly across the most common aspect ratios.

Pinter 3 CGI Aspect Radio Framing

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