Bringing consistency and efficiency to Kenwood's visual assets.

We partnered with Kenwood in 2015 to increase the performance and bring consistency to their product image assets. We delivered CGI guidelines to control the output of all imagery.


Product + Brand




2020 Indigo Award – Gold: 3D CAD
2020 Indigo Award – Silver: Computer Animation

Product Packaging CGI

We create photoreal™ imagery for Kenwood’s product packaging before a single product rolls off the production line. The imagery is seamless across colourways and allows flexibility throughout the process. Late design changes? No problem. We can quickly open up the archived 3D scene and update the product CGI.

USP Films

The UPS films create an immersive visual narrative that tells the story of Kenwood’s cutting-edge innovation through the lens of creative storytelling and VFX.

The team at Wonder Vision are always on hand and ready to help with any issue that may arise. Their continuous support and co-operation make them a real pleasure to work with from start to finish.


Project Manager
Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker Food CGI
Kenwood kMix CGI Headlift

Limited Edition Animation

For the launch of Kenwood’s most luxury range to date, the Limited Edition Rose Gold collection, we created a concept of melting rose gold over the product. We handled everything from the creation to the execution of this animation.

Packshot CGI

Standardising visual image asset production through the creation and development of the CGI guidelines.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker CGI Asset

Food Photography Compositing

We composite CGI, CG food and food photography to capture the baking process in a single perfect image.

kMix Product Range

A bespoke lighting rig was developed for the kMix product range to capture their unique personality.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL White

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