Creative Integrated CG Campaign

Looking to refresh their brand imagery, Kano reached out looking for complete production services, from creative to execution.

This creative freedom gave us the chance to explore and define how Kano’s visual brand language would translate across their print and digital content.


Product + Brand




2021 Indigo Award – Gold: 3D CAD

Wonder Vision Kano CGI PCB Electronics Retouch Feature

Wonder Vision played an essential part in rethinking our product imagery, and made the experience super smooth with fast and clear communication, great processes and an amazing eye for detail. They worked with us on numerous iterations, making sure we got what we needed, but at the same time added their own ideas to push the outcome even further.


Art Director
Wonder Vision Kano Gesture Sensor CGI

Creative Development

Our creatives liaised with Kano’s Art Directors to fully understand the campaign’s challenges and goals before developing pre-viz concepts.

3D Asset Creation

For maximum production control, an entirely computer-generated pipeline was embraced. This allowed us to quickly respond to Art Direction critique and maximise flexibility to accommodate last-minute change requests.

Wonder Vision Pi Kano PCB Electronics Product CGI 3D Visualisation

Integrated Campaign Production

We translate Kano’s physical products, philosophies and concepts into production-ready CG assets. Suitable to output Photoreal™ content across all digital and high-res print media. Their core marketing messages are delivered across all channels.

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