iCandy Core

'Designed for Every Journey' Launch film for the iCandy Core

When iCandy approached Wonder Vision, they were eager to embark on a new visual language for the launch of their newest creation, the iCandy Core.

Our team stepped up to the challenge. We meticulously constructed a compelling narrative that would transport viewers on a captivating journey through the iCandy Core. As the story unfolds, it unveils the USPs and exceptional product quality.


Product + Brand



Audio Design

Echoic Audio


Indigo Award – Gold: Computer Animation

The brief

To craft a modular film highlighting the Core’s unique features and benefits. Emphasizing iCandy’s four core principles: Quality, Heritage, Innovation, and Style.

“Wonder Vision were a delight to work with; the process was seamless from beginning to end, the team at Wonder Vision grasped the brief immediately and helped to showcase the launch of Core, perfectly portraying the education and innovation aspects of this incredible product.”

Marketing Manager


Process Reel

Creative Direction

Our creatives collaborated closely with iCandy’s team to craft a compelling narrative for the Core. Developing a storyline that began with teaser content, gradually unveiling the product’s functional aspects. We sketched a storyboard with detailed shot descriptions to communicate the art direction.


Leveraging the CAD data, design drawings and material samples, we built a CG iCandy Core that was indistinguishable from it’s physical counterpart. From the geo to the materials, stitch nuance to the rigging, it was vital we detailed and optimised our 3D model for maximum photorealism and authenticity.

iCandy Core Full Product Orange Background


We required the product to come to life in a number of ways – from how we showcased the luxury materials to how we showcased the adaptability across various terrains. To achieve this, we rigged and skinned our 3D model to give our artists the freedom to animate the product with full control.

Environments and terrains

In our narrative, we featured a range of terrains suited for the unique abilities of the pushchair. We created abstract environments to illustrate these advantages.

iCandy Core Wheel Correction
iCandy Core Rough Terrain Still Frame
iCandy Core Street Scene Example

Fabric VFX

Edit, Sound Design and Music

After crafting our shots, we assembled the narrative during the edit. Our partners at Echoic Audio worked with us to produce bespoke music and sound design to compliment the action.

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