Chilly's Series 2

Stunning CG content for Chilly's Series 2 product launch

Looking to create an impactful Series 2 product launch, our friends at Chilly’s reached out. To maximise engagement on their website, we used a combination of stunning product animation along side abstract particle and pyro steam FX to illustrate the products’ features.

We separately crafted high resolution, crisp photoreal™ still CGIs of the products, ready for use on Chilly’s online configurator, e-Commerce store, print marketing, OOH and their social channels.


Product + Brand




Indigo Award – Gold: Animation & Illustration for Websites

Bottle Colours Line Up

The Series 2 Story

“This is not a redesign. It’s an evolution.”

Working with Chilly’s’ digital agency, Studio Rotate, we set about creating an animation that would play interactively as the user scrolled through an online experience. Our animation explores four key areas, ‘Design, Hygiene, Personalise and Performance’, detailing the product range and features with some engaging and exciting visual effects to keep the potential customer scrolling!

Click here to experience the Chilly’s Bottles Series 2 Story or watch the animation below.

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing work you did on the Series 2 launch.

It has now gone live on the site and all the assets are looking really awesome, I think I have gone through the story page about 10 times today already. The finished work and the feedback has been like nothing we have ever had before. You really took on board everything that we wanted, and it has come out better than I could have imagined to be honest. Crucially, it works brilliantly on mobile!

Please pass on our thanks to the whole team.

Chilly's Bottles


Anti-microbial Technology

Chilly’s Series 2 products have drinking surfaces that contain an antimicrobial additive that reduces microbes by up to 99.99%. By developing a set of custom tools we created an art direct-able particle VFX system to abstractly illustrate this technology.

Product CGI Particle Simulation

R&D and Look Development

To create the anti-microbial visual effect, we went through the stages of development from Creative through to Production. The process started with creative workshops internally and then concept sketching of three potential directions to showcase the feature.

Once we had secured client confidence we then began the R&D process of the chosen route. Our production team developed a particle system through which we could control the direction, force, velocity and size of the particles at each stage of the simulation. We could then use this to test different solutions and achieve the final desired look.

Steam Simulation

Chilly’s coffee cup’s rotating lock mechanism makes on-the-go sipping simple. To highlight the feature, we created a steam simulation to show when the lid is open. We were able to reuse and art direct this VFX for the final scene of the animation; ’12 Hours Hot’.

We carefully considered the aesthetic of steam to create a realistic yet stylised look.

Lighting Development

To distinguish Chilly’s new Series 2 bottles from ‘The Original’, we wanted to create a unique look for the products. We developed different lighting options whilst looking how each then sat on both a black and white background, to arrive at the final look.

Product CGI Lighting Study

During the lighting process we also crafted some sexy teaser shots that were used across social channels to build hype in the run up to the launch.

Chilly's Bottles Series 2 Product CGI Lighting Reveal

E-Commerce Configurator

The modular design of the Series 2 bottles and coffee cups allow the customer to create over 1000 colour combinations. Our seamless still CGI assets are cropped by ‘product part’ so that the user can configure their perfect product in the online store.

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