Online Configurator CGI + Print Assets

Triumph Tiger 1200 CGI

The global campaign for the launch of the Triumph Tiger 1200 required ultra photorealistic CGI assets for use across social, web and print based media. Our creative directors and 3D artists have delivered some of the best photoreal™ CGI content ever seen. With a motorcycle containing 15,000+ components our robust process kept data organised so our 3D artists could focus on crafting virtual materials and lighting. Our powerful Abacus Render™ system delivered 1,000+ still images within a tight deadline.

Photoreal™ CGI Assets 

Intrinsic to the success of this production was Abacus Render™, our in-house super high performance render farm, purpose built to render the highest quality CG content. Abacus Render™ coupled with our years of expertise handling large configurable data sets allowed us to deliver on time and on budget without compromising on the photoreal™ CGI output. 

CGI Configurator Assets
Our 3D artists built ultra photorealistic representations of every optional accessory which allows Triumph's customers to build their dream bike configuration without having to leave their home. To make this possible we delivered thousands of CGI images to make every combination of accessory and base bike possible. 

360 CGI Turntables
Alongside the CGI still assets we delivered photoreal™ 360 degree CGI spins of the bikes, giving the customer full visibility of this bike. Whether utilised as a focal point for an exhibition or as a selling tool on an online platform, our photorealistic CGI turntables create engagement.


The Result 
Our technical and creative in-house knowledge and skills, combined with the advanced render power of our Abacus™ render farm allows us to deliver the highest levels of photorealism and superior finish quality against the tightest of deadlines. This image reveals the 'clay' 3D model behind the final CG asset. 

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