Tiger 800 Key Features

TIGER 800 XC Key Features CGI 

Triumph's 2015 Tiger 800 has many improved features. Two key major new features are the changeable rider modes and the 3D mesh technology found within the comfort seats. To highlight these features we crafted a series of still CG rider point-of-view shots and a short CGI multi-light animation of the instruments during engine start up. To illustrate the benefits of the 3D mesh technology we created CGI cutaways to show the layers of the seat. 

Texture 3D Modelling and Sculpting
This clay render shows the 3D model with no textures, materials or bump maps applied. To increase the realism of the visualisations / CGIs we sculpted and burnt-in textures to the 3D model. We 3D modelled all of the stitching so that we could add a thread texture to the material which although subtle, adds to the photorealism.

Photographing Textures
We are obsessed with detail and diligent about making every texture mimic the real product surface as accurately as possible. Using physical samples sent to us by Triumph Motorcycles, we photographed all product surfaces and created tileable texture maps for these. Virtual materials were built-up from these and optimised for the final renders / visualisations.

Rider Modes
These three still CG images show the three settings for the rider modes on the instruments. The images are used across point of sale applications in Triumph dealerships worldwide. 

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