ASICS Gel-Nimbus™ 26

Add Comfort to Every Step

ASICS’ Gel-Nimbus™ 26 running shoe is designed to deliver comfort to every step. Working along side Rōnin Amsterdam, we crafted a suite of full CG films using abstract metaphors to illustrate the PureGEL™ and FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO technologies within this premium product.

Our VFX and Product CG Artists explored a range of ‘comfort’ metaphors, from gels to clouds, allowing us to create innovative and original ideas that we could weave these into the product narrative.


Product + Brand




Rōnin Amsterdam

Sound Design

Ill Go Rhythms


Le Book Connections Amsterdam – CGI Award

“Wonder Vision took our ideas and elevated them to the next level. Their team possess real expertise in their field, as evidenced by the creation of beautiful animations that are thoughtfully considered. They worked closely with us throughout the entire process and were a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Creative Director


Process Reel

Gel Metaphor Look Development

Our VFX exploration for the comfort metaphor concluded with the selection of ‘gel spheres’. We then undertook look development to portray soft, tactile and responsive properties.

Asics Gel Nimbus 26 CGI Gel VFX

X-Ray Exploration

Asics CGI XRay VFX Exploration
ASICS SS24 Gel Nimbus Tech Film

Look Exploration

Mini Edit + Cut Downs

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