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Delivering Virtual Production Support


At the start of 2020 no-one could have imagined the current global situation. This has caused many unanticipated problems for companies trying to market their products. We worked quickly to position ourselves to help our clients. To continue to launch and advertise their products throughout this period.

We are consulting with companies on how to utilise CGI and harness its benefits over the coming uncertain months. To provide clarity on content creation planning for upcoming product releases and current product marketing.

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To continue to serve our clients image needs, we needed to ensure our team could safely carry out their jobs.

In an industry where we are heavily reliant on technology, we were able to quickly put procedures in place to allow our team remote access to our servers and of course our beastie render farm, Abacus Render! All our artists were set-up with state-of-the-art equipment at home and, utilising technology as ever, we’ve kept our strong culture alive to keep us connected and delivering great work.

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We have been creating stunning product, interior and automotive CGI since 2010 and are perfectly placed to help brands transition to CGI.

With years of experience in delivering CGI campaigns, we have transitioned brands such as Triumph Motorcycles, Kenwood, Chilly’s Bottles and Royal Enfield from photography to CGI.

The benefits include 100% control, flexibility, seamless colourways and product updates, and consistency in lighting, look and feel across whole ranges of products. In this current crisis, we are also able to help brands benefit from these points and importantly keep creating imagery and plan future product launches without the concern of cancellation.


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The team at Wonder Vision are always on hand and ready to help with any issue that may arise. Their continuous support and co-operation make them a real pleasure to work with from start to finish.


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Our ‘Lockdown Delivery’, keeping VanMoof’s launch moving!

As we prepared for the inevitable lockdown, the studio was as busy as ever delivering a range of exciting projects. Our project for VanMoof, working with our friends at the Builders Club, was no exception and their live-streamed launch date was not going to be delayed by Coronavirus.

Fortunately, they had already opted to create all of their website imagery in CGI, so we were able to continue as planned and deliver all 118 unique images over the course of 4 weeks during lockdown.

To see the success of the project, click here to see the VanMoof Case Study.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help to deliver your campaign imagery or animated content through the use of CGI please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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