Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

With the power of Virtual Reality technology, we are able to create truly emmersive experiences. Our stereoscopic content, paired with compatible VR headsets opens up a whole new world of immersive visual content. With Wonder Vision VR, concepts can be brought to life and stunning visual experiences can be shared in the way they were meant to be shared.


  • Static VR 
    Our extensive CGI skillset can be used to create full 3D 360° images that provide an immersive experience unparalleled by standard CGI solutions. The deeper sense of scale and depth achieved with VR is perfect for architecural and interior visualisations and can be used for both concept visualisation and as a powerful marketing tool.

  • Animation
    Using CGI animation, instead of still images, adds a whole new level of realism and wonder to a visual. VR Animation allows the viewer to fly through incredible architectural spaces, watch engaging 3D content and experience realistic simulations that have been impossible until now.

  • Realtime
    Powerful realtime render engines are the key to truly immersive VR content. With the use of a controller, the wearer can walk around a virtual scene and even select from a range of options such as furniture and materials whilst still experiencing high quality realistic detail. With Realtime VR, every aspect of a project can be explored in a way unlike anything before.

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