Animation CGI

Animation CGI

Adding motion to a CG scene breathes life into the story, helping you to differentiate and engage in a highly competitive market. From creative development to storyboarding, CG production to visual effects, we have the experience and infrastructure to deliver complex animations with tight deadlines. Whether used for TV, online, outdoor and/or in-store advertising, our photoreal™ CG animations generate interest and excitement in their audience.

Creative Product Features
CG Animation allows us to tell otherwise impossible visual stories. In this case, working directly with the Digital Brand and Marketing team at Clarks, we were tasked with visually explaining the technology in their shoe soles. Our creative development team worked up concepts to showcase the features and then when our vision was aligned with the clients, we began production.

To illustrate the lightweight and foam insole for this child's shoe our artists utilised the suite of tools we have available to them, including particle effects to perfectly simulate the air particles turning into the insoles. Our VFX team then simulated the dust being forced out as the wooden last pushes down on the sole.

The finished results were used online and increased engagement in their sole technologies. See the full project

360 Turntables
CGI turntables allow the viewer to see all sides of a product in high detail. Whether utilised as a focal point for an exhibition or as a selling tool on an online platform, our photorealistic CGI turntables are eye catching and a powerful marketing tool.


Product Reveals
With full control of lighting and environment, CG Animation is perfect for product reveals, creating effects and precision that would be impossible in photography.

The Limited Edition Rose Gold kMix from Kenwood is their highest end product to date and they wanted a launch video to fit the occasion. Our creative development team came up with the concept of the rose gold melting onto the product, to emphasis and create impact around this stunning feature.

Our production team of 3D artists; animator, fluid simulator, lighting artist, 3D generalist and creative director pooled skills and creativity to deliver the stunning effect of the rose gold being melted onto the chassis of the products.

The final animation was exhibited on the media walls in Harrods for the launch of the products in store as well as across Kenwood's own social media.

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