3D Modelling / CAD / Data Prep

3D Modelling / CAD

3D modelling is an essential part of any design project. We have the in-house knowledge and expertise to create high quality 3D models, built from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products (reverse engineering). We are able to produce high quality 3D models in both parametric and polygon model form. In addition we also own an extensive library of 3D models that can be used to populate scenes, reducing the time and cost of the project. Our custom 3D models are available to be purchased on demand. 

Parametric 3D CAD Modelling
Working from engineering drawings, plans or simple sketches, our in house CAD engineers have the expertise to model the most complex 3D surfaces, ensuring the data set is a true representation of the original design intent. 

Polygon 3D Modelling
Low and high poly modelling allows us to very quickly create almost any given form. From large scale buildings to organic food products we can utilise our expertise to deliver geometrically perfect 3D assets suitable for a wide range of applications.

Model Construction
A key part of a managing a large data set is forming a robust co-ordinate reference system, essential when augmenting large assemblies. Once each component is modelled and prepared for visualisation the full assembly must be configured. This will reveal missing data, clashing surfaces or inaccurate geometry. In many cases this may be the first time the full data set has been assembled. 

Organic 3D Modelling
We have in-house leading edge abilities in the creation of bespoke organic models. This enables us to deliver the most accurate detailed 3D models. Typicall applications for our organic models are campaign imagery & packshots across multiple industries. 

Data Prep + Clean Up
We are often presented with CAD data or clients 3D models. This data may not be native or suitable for 3D visualisation. Finer details may be missing or the data may become corrupt upon conversion. Before beginning the visualisation stage we take time to ensure the geometry we are augmenting is of the highest standard for CGI. It may be necessary to re-model certain features. Typically soft goods products where the CAD data is not a true representation of the final form or isn't available at all.  

Fluid Simulation
We have the technical knowledge and expertise to produce the most complex fluid sims, accurately controlling the behaviour of the fluid with shear force applied.

3D Scanning
Our 3D scanning service requires no markers or calibration to capture an ultra high resolution 3D mesh, leading to a quick, precise and fully textured scan. This allows us to capture very accurate 3D data of products, vehicles, food and people, dramatically increasing the photorealism of our 3D visualisations and scene props.

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