Whether you already have a detailed idea of how we can help, or you need us to provide the conceptual foundations to visually build your campaign right from the beginning, we’ve got it covered. We bring the creative process, technical skills and knowledge. You see the results.


Bursting with bold ideas, our creatives will start taking your brand to a new level before we’ve even begun to deploy our technical skills.


Powerful stories come from powerful ideas. Our CGI is built on strong creative strategy and industry-leading design to go beyond real-world constraints.


Our animation brings brands, products and ideas to life. With unique features and original concepts, you and your customers won’t want to look away.


Grading, editing, retouching, sound design, localisation…whatever we do in the final edit, we polish what we’ve made until we know it will shine.

CGI AD Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

The ideas behind the ideas. Before we start production, we analyse the market and devise key messages that will resonate with the right audience and have the most impact.
AD Direction Creative Strategy

Art Direction

Our in-house Art Directors build an overarching creative vision that translates a concept into a beautiful campaign. They make sure every pixel is perfect so the bigger picture takes care of itself.
Creative Art Direction Style Frame


Frame by frame, we build on a concept. We craft the sequence and the story, and develop how to transform key campaign messages into captivating visuals with life and meaning.
CGI Look Dev Animatic VFX


Our wireframe animations explore motion and framing. And once we’ve set the look and feel of a piece and got feedback on the rough sketch, we’re ready to fill in all the glorious detail.
Wonder Vision CGI Ice Cream Example

Photoreal™ Stills

Still got it. Our detailed visuals are completely indistinguishable from the real thing. And we go big, with digital assets that are future proof, scalable, and perfect for high quality print ads.
Wonder Vision CGI Packshot Example


We provide the whole package: visuals that transcend shelf life and exist beyond real-world parameters. Highly detailed and realistic, our packshots can be used long before the production line is ready.
Virtual Photography CGI Set

Set builds

Set the stage for a product for all the world to see. Our detailed virtual sets bypass the challenges of physical set builds, and can be updated with the press of a button (or two).
Wonder Vision Virtual Location CGI Example

Virtual Locations

Choose the perfect shoot location, anywhere and we'll build the virtual world without leaving the studio. Our digital environments make the outdoors even greater and save on the resources of physical productions.
Wonder Vision CGI Configurator Example


It’s time to get the customer involved and spec up something spectacular. We help people see into the future, and its personalised.
Interactive VFX Example


Just like in a physical store, customers want to interact with items online too. Our mechanics let them spin, explore, inspect and customise products, and feel happy with their purchase from every angle.
Wonder Vision CGI Abstract Motion

Motion Design

Motion that evokes emotion, highlights the features and benefits of a product, and ultimately creates more sales. One idea, one campaign, and marketing points across multiple media channels.
TVC VFX Food Fluid Production Studio

TVC Production

Our in-house television commercial department is one to watch. With creative and production all under one roof, we provide cohesive delivery of ads that give the added advantage.
Wonder Vision CGI Creative Abstract Motion VFX


From ultra-real to ultra-unreal, anything is possible with CGI, even the impossible. We create surreal content that embraces the unknown, pushes boundaries and captures the imagination.
Wonder Vision CGI VFX Smoke


Imagination is just the beginning. Diaphanous fabric…dynamic fluids…our team of technical visual effects artists develop custom systems and bespoke tools to deliver complex shots efficiently.
Wonder Vision CGI Post Production Retouch Studio


With the Midas (re)touch, we take the raw footage and use a series of techniques to polish and enhance it to perfection.
Post Production Colour Example


Colour is a universal messenger of emotion. We colour correct and grade our content to saturate it with meaning and give a story more visual depth and feeling.
Wonder Vision CGI Post Production Retouch Compositing Studio


The best of both worlds. We merge CGI with live action by seamlessly layering elements on to traditional captured or filmed backplates. Beautifully blended and carefully combined.
Post Production Title Graphics

Screen Graphics

Using title graphics, infographics, explainer text, subtitles, diagrams and illustrations we overlay 2D graphics to explain and enhance animated content. Information is beautiful.
Post Production Localisation Example


We know our audience, and it spans the globe. We create multiple language, tone, style and props adaptions for far reaching relevance and impact in locations around the world.
Post Production Media Adaptations


A good idea needs sharing far and wide, so we maximise the value of our campaigns and content by creating bespoke versions for multiple media platforms.

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