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Goldman Sachs 10kSB


Goldman Sachs deliver the The 10,000 Small Businesses investment programme. To support high growth businesses, economic opportunities and employment growth in the UK.  The programme selected Wonder Vision as a suitable high performance business. The course run in partnership with Oxford Universities Said Business school.

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The programme provides access to high quality, practically-focused business and leadership education. Experts in entrepreneurial learning from all over the globe designed the course to aid businesses to develop a bespoke growth plan to direct their company’s focus into the consistent advancement of the business.

Goldman Sachs has identified that by focusing on these specific steps it will lead to increased productivity and employment throughout the UK. Not only do you learn from the programme, gaining vital leadership knowledge but you meet likeminded individuals across multiple business sectors.

Throughout the process, you receive high-quality tuition over a 4-month period. The course is tailor-made for an independent business professional; its online, in person and residential sessions allow for flexibility when learning alongside running a company.

The programme provides consistent support and advice with mentors helping with ongoing business expansions. It’s the perfect balance of formal learning, mentoring and one-on-one coaching.

Participants of the 10,000 Small Businesses report an average annual increase of 23% in their net employment compared to 1% for other UK small businesses. With this programme we can sustain our growth long term. Statistics show graduates grow on average 13 times faster than other UK small businesses.

We’re honoured to have graduated from the programme and grateful to have received the plethora of invaluable knowledge and the backing of Goldman Sachs. This investment has provided us with the incredible opportunity to grow in both a personal and professional capacity.

Looking forward we will champion delivering stunning visual content, nurturing artists and pushing beyond the possibilities of imagination. We will become a world leader in CGI creation, the partner of choice for innovative brands; where the best talent choose to grow and flourish.

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