Interior Visualisation / CGI

Interior Visualisation / CGI

We produce interior visualisation/ CGI for commercial and residential projects, working with interior designers, shop fitters, property developers, hotel chains and architects. Armed with drawings, floor plans, furniture requirements, mood boards and any other information you are able to provide we can 3D model, light and texture the virtual scene to create the desired visuals.

Interior Marketing Imagery
3D Visualisations/ CGI are unrivalled in their ability to showcase an interior long before the space has been built. This allows designers and marketeers to sell design concepts to decision makers and key project stakeholders. Potential costly mistakes can be picked up early in the visualisation process. Multiple design concepts can be presented per room, which would be highly unfeasible without the use of CGI.

Detailed 3D Modelling 
Using product references, drawings, colour-material-finish documents and texture samples, we create highly detailed, accurate 3D models to populate our scenes and room sets. 

Detailed Material and Texture Creation
There is a fine line between an interior visualisation/ CGI that is believable and one that isn't. Advanced and detailed material creation lifts the image, making it more persuasive. Using product references, colour-material-finish documents and samples, we create seamless, accurate texture maps. This leads to a true representation of the product in our final virtual materials and final computer generated images.

Lighting and Atmosphere
We believe the key to creating the perfect shot lies in the ability to add emotion, atmosphere and soul to the image. One way we achieve this is through creative lighting.


Using CGI we can generate photoreal floorplans which would otherwise be very challenging to create. 

Interior Design Support
If required we can support the design stage of the project, acting as an overflow for your in-house team. We can quickly and efficiently dress rooms for brochure shots using our vast 3D model library. If you do not have an in-house design team, we can take lead of the full design process.

Furniture Configurators
The use of CGI as a tool to creative furniture configurators is unrivalled. Once the 3D data is prepared we can quickly and cost effectively produce the CG assets required in order to create the full configuration experience. If additional configurable options are launched at a later date, the new data can be prepared, imported and rendered without heavy costs. No longer are expensive pre-production prototypes needed for the pre-launch market drive. CGI delivers photorealistic marketing assets long before the final product is ready.

Interior Animation
3D animation is a brilliant way to bring your project to life. Our team of experienced 3D animators and production artists create high end photoreal animations to tight deadlines. Whether used to enhance a client pitch, as an online marketing tool or as an exhibition focal point, our photo-realistic 3D animations generate interest and excitement in their audience.

People Integration
Adding people into CGI scenes adds life, interest and realism to the images. We integrate high poly 3D models of CG people. 

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