Automotive Visualisation / CGI

Automotive Visualisation / CGI

From automotive campaign imagery to confgurators, you're in safe hands. Our automotive team have extensive experience in translating heavy parametric data into stunning CG visuals that create awe and inspiration that ultimately drive sales. As technology evolves so do we, continuing to discover new ways to deliver best in class automotive content, be it a still CGI or animation, for print, a computer, tablet or phone, we can create it. Our high performance hardware makes handling complex and heavy data easy. With our product data management (PDM) process we can create confgurators with thousands of possible combinations that allow customers to seamlessly switch between accessory and paint colour options. We believe that lighting is key to the emotion of an image. Whether we're integrating a computer generated vehicle into a photo backplate or creating a studio shot, we craft the position of every highlight to make sure the vehicle looks stunning.

Marketing Campaign Imagery
From online configurators to print brochures, CGI forms an essential tool to leverage 3D data sets and extract maximum value. With CGI you can effectively create the otherwise infeasible, whilst reducing risk and associated costs of traditional methods.

Backplate Photography and 3D HDRi Spheres
Using an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image and corresponding backplate a 3D model can be integrated and seamlessly composited together to give the impression the subject was shot on location. The result will be matching reflections, highlights and shadows in true photorealistic form. (Backplate courtesy of Maground

Colourway Options
For consistent composition and subsequent camera angle reproduction CGI provides the perfect solution to showcase a range of product colourways.

Automotive Configurators
The use of CGI as a tool to creative automotive configurators is unrivalled. Once the 3D data is prepared we can quickly and cost effectively produce the CG assets required in order to create the full configuration experience. If additional configurable options are launched at a later date, the new data can be prepared, imported and rendered without heavy costs. No longer are expensive pre-production prototypes needed for the pre-launch market drive. CGI delivers photorealistic marketing assets long before the final product is ready. 


Data Prep

An essential element to ensure renders of the highest photorealistic quality is to prepare the 3D data set for visualisation. The optimisation and fine tuning of the 3D data will remove duplicate surface data, add shadow gaps / split lines, re-model organic objects, adding stitching details and build the final assembly ready for visualisation. 


360 Turntables
CGI turntables allow the viewer to see all sides of a product in high detail. Whether utilised as a focal point for an exhibition or as a selling tool on an online platform, our photorealistic CGI turntables are eye catching and a powerful marketing tool.


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