Architectural Visualisation / CGI

Architectural Visualisation / CGI

Utilising 3D visualisation/ CGI we provide the most time and cost effective solutions for architects, planners, property developers and estate agents to communicate and market their projects. From 2D architectural plans or 3D data we create stunning visuals of your project often before a brick has been laid. We make sure we understand your aims and objectives and adopt the most effective strategy to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. 

Planning Permission Visuals
Securing planning permission can be a challenging process. With the help of 3D visualisation/ CGI, decision makers can view the proposed development in photoreal detail. 

Marketing Imagery
A key benefit of using CGI is the ability to market the development long before the project is complete. Photorealistic CGI marketing material is often influential in the sale of the property. Typical uses of our marketing imagery include off plan sales, property marketing boards on construction sites, brochures, website marketing, securing funding and presentations.

Photomontage Creation
Using an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image and matching photo backplate the 3D scene can be seamlessly composited into the photo backplate. 

Funding and Pitch Winning Imagery
Utilising CGI the impossible can be made possible. Imaginative concepts can be quickly brought to life with 3D visualisation whilst keeping costs to a minimum. It allows people to clearly understand the creative vision, making CGI the perfect solution for securing a win at your next pitch or competition.

Light Studies
With 3D visualisation/ CGI it's possible to create idealistic lighting. HDRi map lighting can accurately represent real world lighting or further enhance the natural environment lighting. Time lapse animations can be used to track the suns movement and resultant shadows cast on the building at any particular time during the year. 

People Integration
Adding people into CGI scenes adds life, interest and realism to the images. We integrate high poly 3D models of CG people.

Aerial Shots
Using drones to capture the photo backplate we can match our CGI scene cameras to the real life camera settings to create seamless aerial photomontages. 

Landscape 3D Modelling
We can 3D model complex organic environments and apply virtual materials to mimic real life landscaping. Property landscaping and planting can take years to reach full maturity. Using CGI we can create visual representations of how the final landscaping will look.

Architectural Animation

Architectural fly-through animations are an excellent way to take key stakeholders or potential investors on a virtual tour of a building before construction has begun.

Through creative lighting, camera speed and depth of field, we can create a mood to reflect your project that will engage the audience and immerse them in the animation. Moving vehicles, people and live action integration can be used to create the desired environment, which combined with the rest of the process delivers an ultra photorealistic animation.

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