Interior CGI

When emotive visuals are needed to elevate commercial and residential interior marketing imagery, our interior CGI team is the one. Working from drawings, floor plans, furniture specs and mood boards, we provide stunning 3D content that encapsulates the detail, nuances and subtleties of interior design.

Sector Examples

Interior CGI Marketing Imagery

Make future interiors a visual reality today. Our interior CGI service is the perfect solution whether producing imagery to help sell new developments or aid the interior design process.

Emotive lighting is at the core of our philosophy to create imagery that moves people. Further to this, we understand the importance of design intent and champion detail. To scratch the surface of how we achieve this – our MatGen™ material scanning process means we can accurately replicate fabric samples to realise your full design intent.


Virtual Room Set Building

Physical room set building is time consuming, resource intensive and expensive. CGI room sets provide a cost effective and flexible solution to creating interior imagery.

We can quickly change furniture, vary room colour and layout. Lighting is consistent and can be created in multiple styles with no other movement to the shot. At the end of the project the 3D scene is archived so we can reuse assets to create further imagery in the future. No expensive set rebuilds and studio hire.

We Push Beyond Reality™ to create imagery superior to a photograph, with all elements 100% controllable and flexible. We can only see advantages to virtual room sets.


Interior CGI Furniture Staging

Photographing 50 sofas in 500 fabrics? Doesn’t really sound feasible. Fortunately furniture CGI provides a solution that isn’t a logistical headache and delivers photoreal™ results.

We can bring total control to the process, cost and time efficiently producing seamless furniture visuals, staged in a room scenario, ready for marketing long before a physical product is available.


It’s been a pleasure working with Wonder Vision over the last few years. They value the importance of building a strong business relationship and understand their client’s needs. They strive for perfection in their work, pay close attention to detail and are always up for a challenge. I would highly recommend working with Wonder Vision.


Product Design Team Leader

In-situ CGI Configurations

Whether for a consumer product or piece of furniture, CGI configurators provide seamless in-situ imagery. Archived 3D scenes can be reopened to add new product options seamlessly and with perfect consistency. We save time, cost and deliver all marketing assets ready for launch.

Cameo Interior CGI Staging

Creating staging scenes to cameo interior product details is a perfect application of CGI. We can quickly and cost effectively produce a range of consistent marketing imagery.


CGI Floor Plans

Real world scale 3D floor plans for events? Showcasing apartment layouts for off-plan property sales? In any case, photoreal™ CGI floor plans are an engaging way to present a space.


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