Automotive CGI

Our automotive team transforms 3D data into stunning CG visuals with lighting that makes every feature shine. Utalising a production pipeline that exists beyond the logistical constraints of the real world.

Triumph Motorcycles Street Twin CGI

Sector Examples

Automotive CGI Marketing Imagery

We create automotive CGI that redefines reality, capturing sharper detail than possible in photography.

We’ve been creating stunning automotive CGI for decades. Whether working with complex CAD data sets or 3D modelling a vehicle from scratch, our robust pipeline and processes always deliver the quality expected by top brands.

Triumph Trident CGI Campaign

Creative Automotive CGI

It’s a competitive world and standing out is key. Our petrol head creatives and 3D artists are sure to deliver inspiring and disruptive visual content.

F1 Car CGI

Wonder Vision consulted and advised on our transition from photography to photoreal CGI, exceeding the quality of CGI output we were expecting. WV advised and supported our engineers to ensure the most efficient pipeline was adopted from CAD data to CGI production assets. WV always meet our tight deadlines and are accommodating to late changes in CAD data or finishes.

We selected WV due to the quality of their work and their experience in handling large configurable CAD data sets, combined with their level of client service.



Automotive CGI Configurators

Be sure not to knock the camera whilst photographing the 376th accessory! Fortunately not a problem we suffer.

Our CGI configurators result in imagery seamless from all angles and allow future accessories to be quickly and cost efficiently added.

We have vast experience handling complex vehicle accessory logic and producing high volumes of imagery through our powerful in-house render farm, Abacus Render™.

Automotive CGI Environments

We use two methods to achieve stunning on-location imagery – fully CGI environments or compositing CGI vehicles into pre-shot photographic backplates.

Both solutions exist beyond the logistical challenges of on-location production.



Technical Automotive CGI

Taking a saw to an engine is a messy job and will never result in imagery as clean and crisp as our technical automotive CGI.

We Push Beyond Reality™ to create the otherwise impossible – showcasing technical, mechanical and electronic details like never before. See for your self.

Wonder Vision Royal Enfield CGI Twin Engine Exploded

Automotive Interactive 360 Turntables

Allow consumers to see all vehicle angles. Whether it be photoreal™ pre-render 360 turntables or a realtime solution, we have the expertise and hardware to give consumers the full picture.


Royal Enfield InSitu Configurator

This example shows our development and execution of Royal Enfield’s configurator CGI. Working with Royal Enfield we developed a garage environment that was representative of their brand. Then we did what we do best.

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