Architectural CGI

Build hype and off-plan sales before laying a brick. Packed with emotion, photoreal™ detail and creative lighting, our architectural CGI services Push Beyond Reality™ and are invaluable for architects, planners, property developers and estate agents.

Sector Examples

CGI Marketing Imagery

Our photoreal™ architectural CGI accurately brings developments to life, whether big or small. Complete marketing material long before a brick is laid – perfect for off-plan sales, brochures, website marketing, hoarding boards, securing funding and presentations.

We create CGI with emotive lighting, atmosphere and lifestyle. This is what brings our images to life and helps people connect to the properties they showcase.


CGI For Property Developers

From single house builds to large new home developments, we have decades of experience producing residential CGI.

We don’t just help sell houses, we use emotive lighting and lifestyle in our imagery to move people, letting them connect with their potential new home.


CGI Landscape Modelling

Property landscaping and planting can take years to reach full maturity. We can create complex organic landscaping with full control of all of elements, presenting the full design intent of architectural schemes years before it would otherwise be possible.


Planning Permission Visuals

Help planners and interested parties understand the proposed scheme by utilising CGI. We aid planning applications by compositing CGI into existing site photography, unveiling how the final scheme will look.

For planning permission imagery with surveyed accuracy, we can work to planning standards. See TVIA Verified Views below for more information.


Pitch Winning Imagery

We relish the opportunity to work on imaginative pitch concepts. We push our own limits, pull together and harness an insatiable curiosity to create impactful pitch winning architectural CGI.

CGI makes helps to bring concepts to life, allowing the creative vision of a scheme to be understood by all and secure the win.


Aerial CGI Shots

Using drones and helicopters for aerial photography, we capture dramatic canvases for us to seamlessly create aerial CGI photomontages. Aerial CGI is the perfect tool to showcase impressive scheme locations, scenic views and provide context or scale.


Wonder Vision never put anything less than their all into projects for us. I am never in any doubt that they will strive for perfection on our behalf. We selected Wonder Vision because of the attention they gave to light and detail in CGIs of building interiors: this made them stand out from other companies. Now that we have worked with them, I would add that they have an exceptional ability to understand the ‘feel’ of the image we are looking for and realise it beautifully.

Wright and Wright

Senior Project Lead

Architectural VR/ XR

With VR we can take the user inside exciting computer generated environment, allowing you to experience and feel the space first hand. No more looking in from the outside.

We use head mounted displays (HMDs) and desktop VR software to deliver powerful experiences, immersing the user in their surroundings.


Photomontage Creation

Some things are more cost efficiently captured through the lens. When this is the case, we can shoot backplates and HDRIs on location.

Using the HDRI from the shoot we can match the photographic lighting in the CGI and create a seamless photomontage.


Light Studies

We pride ourselves on creating CGI with emotive lighting. In CGI we have full artistic control over the lighting style, time of day and time of year – ensuring we create the perfect environmental atmosphere in our shots.

We can use these techniques to simulate the sun’s movements and resultant shadows cast on a building, producing useful and beautiful time-lapses.

TVIA Verified Views

When accuracy is paramount, we come armed with lasers to survey the site and produce planning permission visuals that showcase the proposed development in its existing surroundings.


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