Top-Heavy Tower

Full CGI street scene of Lower East Side New York

The top floor of residential building project, Top-Heavy Tower situated in New York’s Lower East Side has a footprint twice the area of it’s ground floor.

To give us 100% control and consistency of this set of architectural CGIs, we modelled not only the Top-Heavy Tower but all of the surrounding block, roads and street furniture.




Lifestyle CGI

The highly accurate 3D modelling, texture and material detailing, lighting and reflections are all key to creating photoreal™ architectural CGIs.

However it is the lifestyle that we add to our imagery that brings the picture to life and tells the story of the shot we have created.

Top Heavy Tower New York City CGI Architectural

Emotive Lighting

Our full CGI scene allowed us total control of the lighting and environment, allowing us to showcase the complex at different times of the day.

We love this ‘moment in time’ dusk shot that captures the sun starting to set, car light trails forming and the soft evening light that just kisses the surfaces of the glass faced building.

New York Top Heavy Tower Architectural Exterior CGI Street Scene

Modelling The City

In the absence of plans, we used Google Maps 3D scan data to accurately replicate the surrounding streets of the Top-Heavy Tower.

New York Tower Architectural CGI Traffic City Detail

3D Model Detail

We challenged ourselves to 3D modelled or sculpt every detail of these images, from the surrounding buildings to road imperfections and man hole covers. This clay image unveils the efforts of our talented 3D artists.


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