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  • Agency: Whiteroom

Showerwall CGI Asset Production 

Showerwall provide their customer with a smart, easy-to-fit bathroom wall paneling system. Whiteroom approached us to deliver a set of 40 photoreal™ CGI still images for use across Showerwall's social, print and digital channels. Set dressing and lighting has never been more important than this project. It is the emotional language of the shot that moves people. We artfully crafted each scene to deliver imagery packed with atmosphere and emotion.

Production Management 
In order to deliver 40 unique interior CGI shots the project required a vast number of custom scene assets. We crafted 10 bespoke scene sets, each with a unique theme which could be dressed to create the distinctive final shot.

Natural Lighting
In order to showcase Showewalls product's in the best possible light we developed a custom natural lighting rig, unique to each scene, with full control over the position of every highlight, shadow and how it illuminates the subject. We see this as one of the most important elements of creating stunning photoreal™ visuals.

Delivering Photoreal™ CGI Assets 
Intrinsic to the success of this interior production was Abacus Render™, our in-house high performance render farm, purpose built to process the highest quality CG content. Abacus Render™ coupled with our years of CG lighting expertise allowed us to deliver stunning visual imagery without compromising on the photoreal™ CGI output.

Behind The Scenes 
This image reveals the 'clay' 3D model behind the final textured CG image, showcasing the detail of our ultra high polygon 3D models.

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