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Medical product CGI and animation for Senzer Pharma

Senzer engaged Wonder Vision as a specialist in Product CGI and Animation, to create precise and accurate imagery of their inhaler products.

We have worked closely with the design team at Senzer since their first product launch to deliver premium and consistent imagery for use across all of their marketing channels.






2021 Indigo Award – Silver: Computer Animation

Senzer Medical Phama Photoreal Product CGI Marketing

Given the complexity and high precision of our products we required imagery to reflect this. We were amazed with the results Wonder Vision produced for us. Their quality of the work is exceptional, with photo realistic accuracy.

The team have a great approach to projects, a superb attention to detail and go above and beyond the brief. This makes them the perfect partner for all our digital product images and animations.

Senzer Pharmaceutical

Design Director

Product Experiences

We created a series of technical CGIs to ‘open up’ the product to both consumers and clinicians, revealing how the product’s internal mechanisms release finite doses of the drug being inhaled.

If you’ve ever tried to cut into a small physical product, you’ll know it’s not easy! Creating these shots with CGI allowed us full control of every aspect of the image.

Product Ranges

Utilising the digitized product assets we had created, we could create a series of CG packshots with the same quality and attention to detail as the product beauty shots.

Using CGI packshots has huge advantages over photography, such as flexibility, efficiency, framing and lighting control, consistency, future proofing, language adaptations and incorporating changes seamlessly.

Senzer Medical Phama Photoreal-Product CGI Colourway Range

How to use your inhaler

Product trials and testing revealed users were incorrectly using Senzer’s new inhaler. To combat this we collaborated to create a product animation that would educate users how to properly use their inhaler.

We kicked off the project with a creative workshop with Senzer’s design and marketing team to listen to their objectives. We then worked closely to define the key stages of ‘product use’ and scripted out the animation.

Our production team then developed the brief, creating storyboards, mood boards for look development and animatics to ensure we were creatively aligned with our client before final production.

The animated CG frames were then composited with motion graphics, title effects, music and voice over – that was recorded at our Henley on Thames studio.


Utilising the existing ‘user version’ animation footage, mixed with additional motion graphics, we delivered a second adaptation of the animation aimed at clinicians.

This more technical version is used to introduce the product to the medical world, with further technical information on how the drug formulation process works.


We have successfully delivered photoreal™ CGI and animated content for all of Senzer’s marketing channels and continue to bring their products to life with CGI.

With all project data securely stored and archived, we can quickly make changes and create new content as required for future campaigns.

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