3D Modelling

Britannia Living 3D ModellIng + CGI

Working from engineering drawings and reference images we've reverse engineered highly accurate 3D parametric CAD models of Britannia Living's cooker range, ready for full photo-real CGI production. Shown below is the final studio 3D visualisation of the Fleet 100cm XG model. 

Parametric CAD Modelling
To ensure ultimate accuracy of the 3D model, we used dimension driven parametric modelling software to create micrometer perfect representations of the cooker range. 

Product CGI Configurators
Creating the 3D CGI assets allows highly accurate colour-way and component configurations to be assembled. Using CGI to create the configurator assets, the camera and products are perfectly referenced to a co-ordinate system. Therefore everything will be perfectly aligned, with no 'jump' between products / configurations.

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