Audio Range CGI

Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino Audio CGI

Demanding attention in a busy market place is all about first impressions. We worked closely with Ferrari and Logic3 to deliver bespoke photo-real CGI for the range of Cavallino inspired Ferrari earphones long before the final manufacturing data was finalised, giving the marketeers the assets they needed to drive brand awareness. The CGI was used across all marketing channels from packaging artwork to ecommerce stores worldwide to social media campaigns. 

T150 Earphones CGI
Our expertise in product and packshot CGI was a real asset when creating the Ferrari audio images. We crafted high quality texture maps from exact leather specimen samples, ensuring the final results were are accurate as possible. We 3D scanned the Ferrari Cavallino Rampante, the prancing horse, to create a perfectly represented 3D model. 

G150 Earphones
Visualising the Ferrari by Logic3 headphones using CGI production techniques allowed us to create final images free of imperfections, scratches and dust. Something which can be hard to accomplish shooting such a small detailed product using traditional photography techniques.

Ferrari Store
The CGI was used across a large range of print and digital media. From packaging to point of sale displays to online eCommerce stores. The Cavallino T250 headphones can be seen here on the official online Ferrari Store.

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