Pavegen Americas Cup

  • Hardware: Pavegen

Lexus Pavegen Americas Cup Custom Software

Working with disruptive technology company, Pavegen Systems, we delivered a fun and unique digital experience to Lexus' stand at the 2014 America's Cup. From inception to implementation, we were involved in the project. Pavegen's floor tiles produce energy from footsteps. We designed a game to get players to hop, step, jump or dance on the tiles to create energy. The more energy they produced, the faster they drove the Lexus CT200h in this interactive game. We designed and developed the graphical interface and bespoke digital software to connect to the Pavegen hardware.

Game Flow Design
We needed to design a system to collect the players' details for use in future Lexus marketing campaigns, without the user getting bored. The game flow and user experience became paramount to take the player through each stage as smoothly as possible. Facebook integration was used to accelerate the process and get to the fun bit faster... the game!

Facebook Integration
A Facebook app was created and integrated into the software to automatically enter the user's name and address into the game database. Players could 'opt in' to receive $1,000 towards a Lexus CT200h. The minority of non Facebook users could enter their details manually.


We developed the software to export all new entries in the player database to a csv file that was then automatically emailed to Lexus' marketing agency for inclusion in America's Cup related campaigns.

Game Play
The player had to step on the energy tiles in the correct sequence to drive the car. The faster they hit the correct tile, the faster the Lexus appeared to be driving in the first person view of the road. The joules counter at the top of the screen was designed to simulate a car rev counter, here showing the instantanious energy created by each step, hop, jump and dance move!

Facebook Share
After some number crunching we worked out how far the player's energy could drive the Lexus CT200h. 3.57 yards may not get you to your local shops, but it's not bad for 60 seconds of jumping up and down. With the player logged into their Facebook account, we gave them an opportunity to tell the world about their people powered car driving and spread the Lexus campaign in turn.

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