Configurator CGI

Tiger 800 Configurator CGI

We were challenged to create the full CGI configurator assets and press shots for the Triumph 800. Delivering a photorealistic CG image set of the bike, complete with all accessories. Our CGI production eliminates the need to manufacture expensive product prototypes associated with traditional production techniques.

Press Shots 

Our CGI press shots of the XC can be seen globally across print and digital media. 

Colour-ways + Badge Types

Using CGI for the production we were able to fix the position of the bike data set and virtual camera. This allows the different bike colour-ways and badge types to be visualised in exactly the same position. This is essential when creating assets for an online configurator.

CGI Soft-goods Accessories
Modelling soft-goods such as luggage can present a challenge to make them look convincing. Working from reference images and product samples we recreated the soft goods using organic modelling software. This allowed us to add the correct seams, decals, zip details and fabric breaks. 

CGI Configurator Assets
The benefits of using CGI to create a custom online configurator are far-reaching. The first obvious benefit is that the configurator can be produced long before the final bike has been manufactured. Whilst the bike is still being developed, accessories and components can be modified and/ or replaced within the data set, without the need to revisit a studio with a full production crew.

As future accessories are launched, the archived scene can be revisited and the new data processed to create the configurator asset. 

CGI Engine Shots
The configurable accessories and original equipment components where assembled to create base badge type bikes. The configurations formed the basis of the press shots.

ABS System
Along side the complete bike press shots we created a series of visualisations to demonstrate key benefits and features of the new Tiger 800 XR. One feature in particular was the ABS system shown here on a clay base bike and also shown overlaid over a ghosted bike model.

Creating organic food objects is often a challenge with CGI. To create the highly detailed ice cream models we first created a low poly base mesh, modelled in Cinema 4D. This model was imported into zBrush where heavy, detailed sculpting work took place.

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