Pavegen Energy Pod

  • Hardware: Pavegen

Adidas Pavegen BOOSt ACTIVATION Custom Software

Disruptive technology company, Pavegen Systems, took their energy tiles to South America for the 2014 Chile Marathon. 25K runners passed over the tiles with the energy being used to power screens displaying motivational messages to the athletes. Working with advertising agency Iris Worldwide, we creataed the game play and graphical interface for the interactive energy pods. The campaign reached 500K + people through event PR.

Game Design
The Spanish count down prepares the runner to start moving their feet on the grid of four Pavegen tiles that convert their footsteps to energy. The game progressively increases the speed and then finally shows them the energy they have created.

Hardware Integration
Using the wireless modules in the tiles, we created software to count the footsteps and calculate the energy created. This standalone program interfaced with the game software that we created and had running from a remote server.

Software Game Play
This video shows the energy pod game in action as a runner takes to the tiles.

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