We're Hiring!

9 March 2015

We're hiring!

As a global leader in high end CGI production, we seek super talented CGI artists who share our passion for creating outstanding computer generated imagery, discovering new techniques and pipelines to push the boundaries of ultra photorealism. We work on a diverse range of projects spanning multiple sectors; architecture, interior design, automotive, luxury and consumer.

A career with Wonder Vision offers a unique opportunity to develop your skills with one of the fastest growing CGI studios in Europe. 

CGI Production Careers

Working on awesome and exciting CGI productions you will develop and excel as an artist and communicator. The roles will be demanding, challenging and require dedication. Working as part of our team, taking ownership of projects, you’ll be able to exercise your creativity through new techniques, pushing the boundaries of possibility.

More information about the roles we currently have open is available on our careers page. Alternatively please email your CV, portfolio and/or demo reel to careers@wonder-vision.com. 

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