The Use Of Sketching In Rapid Concept Development

17 October 2012

The Use Of Sketching In Rapid idea communication

A key aspect of rapid concept development is the ability to communicate ideas, thoughts and concepts quickly and effectively. This is often effectively delivered through the use of design sketching and early wireframes. The role of sketching in the digital environment varies massively depending on the end product being designed i.e. if you’re creating a web site interface sketching will generally take less of a key role than identities, illustrations or product concepts. Most design projects will benefit from sketching throughout the design process, especially in the early stages where the direction may not yet be chosen. This makes sure that before the time is invested on refining a design, a clear direction is first agreed upon with the client. Sketching and wireframes will often start very loose, beginning with very early concepts and thoughts. After those directions are locked, the concepts can be refined with detailed sketching, wireframes or 3D Visualisation. Below are examples of some of our product concept sketches for Aura, a commuter cycle helmet.

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